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Letter Writing Campaigns

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In addition to the activities that individual partnerships take on, Essential Action regularly promotes collective activities such as international letter-writing campaigns. The purpose of the campaigns is to support international tobacco control efforts, by targeting appropriate corporations, governments, organizations, and individuals and holding them accountable for the decisions they make. Sometimes we write to praise positive actions taken. Other times we write to push for a vital change in practice. In many cases, the campaigns have helped in bringing about a positive outcome. Contact Essential Action if you have an idea for a letter-writing campaign that GPTC participants might want to support!


Romania - 12/15 Urge Romania to Sign & Ratify the FCTC!  
USA - 11/14 Health Before Trade: Tobacco Out of the FTAA!  
Ireland - 10/27 Congratulate Ireland on decision to go smokefree in 2004!  
Thailand - 10/22 Thai Government should refuse Philip Morris sponsorship!  
Uganda - 10/22 Support smokefree public places in Uganda!  
Malaysia - 10/7 Stop JTI sponsorship of Craig David show  
Uganda - 9/15 Encourage Uganda to sign the FCTC!  
Canada, Bahrain, Turkey, China - 9/18 Get tobacco out of Formula One!

Nigeria - 9/18 Stop BAT -- Declare All African Games Tobacco-Free! UPDATE
China - 9/5 Ban Tobacco Ads at Shanghai Formula 1 Race!
Russia - 7/28 Stop Criminal Investigation of Tobacco Control Advocate UPDATE
Nigeria - 6/16 Categorize Tobacco as a 'Drug' UPDATE
Germany - 4/17 Tell Germany to Stop Blocking the FCTC!
Romania - 4/8 "Youth Smoking Prevention" TV campaign by JTI in Romania
USA - 4/3 Stop the Bush Administration from Destroying the FCTC!
Nigeria - 3/14 Warner Bros films used to peddle death in Nigeria UPDATE
Uganda - 3/7 Strengthen warning labels in Uganda! UPDATE
USA/Germany - 1/29 Tell U.S. and Germany to stop blocking a strong FCTC!  


East Africa - 12/17 Killing customers is NOT respectable
Turkey - 12/11 Don't Let Formula 1 Sabotage Turkey's Tobacco Ad Ban
USA - 9/19 U.S. delegation to FCTC: Stop Fronting for Big Tobacco!
USA - 9/12 Urge Hershey Trust Not to Sell to Philip Morris
Turkey - 8/29 Formula One owner: Don't Sabotage Advertising Ban!
Turkey - 8/29 FIA President: Prevent tobacco sponsorship of Formula One
Canada - 3/15 Thank Saskatchewan Minister of Health
Thailand - 3/12 Prevent privatization of Thai Tobacco Monopoly
USA - 3/8 ALA Action - Global Tobacco Control Treaty
Uganda - 2/20 Set the Record Straight in Uganda!
Turkey - 1/31 Help Stop Big Tobacco/Government "Youth Campaign" in Turkey! UPDATE


Hong Kong - 9/01

The Hong Kong Government's Proposals for the Prevention of Health Problems caused by Tobacco
Kenya - 9/01 Government Must Cut Ties to BAT!
Pakistan - 8/01 South Asian Federation Games Should Be Smoke Free!
Kenya - 8/01 Send Letters of Solidarity to Kenya
Kenya - 8/01 Kick Philip Morris Out of Safari Rally!
Czech Republic - 7/01 Contact Czech Gov re: PM "smoking good for economy" report
USA - USTR Zoellick: U.S. Must Stop Promoting Big Tobacco Abroad
USA - Hollywood Execs: Stop Promoting Tobacco in Movies!
Uganda - Straight Talk Foundation: Beware of BAT!
Kenya - Support Kenyan Tobacco Control Bill
France - R.J.Reynolds/JTI attempt to bankrupt French National Committee for Tobacco Control
USA - Urge FTC to continue & improve tobacco marketing reports
USA - Wal-Mart: Stop Promoting Tobacco Abroad UPDATE
USA - U.S. Delegation to FCTC: We want a strong FCTC! UPDATE
India - Praise Indian Government for decision to push Tobacco Control Bill
Canada - Urge British Columbia Workers Compensation Board to protect workers' health
Lithuania - Lithuanian government: Don't back down from tobacco advertising ban

Turkey -
Urge Koc Holdings not to invest in BAT
Uganda - PricewaterhouseCoopers' ranking of BAT among top ten "respected" companies in East Africa



Lebanon's Minister of Finance: Don't lower cigarette taxes!
UK BAT donation to Nottingham University for International Centre for Corporate Responsibility
USA - Philip Morries External Research Program

For more information about any of these letter writing campaigns, contact:

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