The Hong Kong Government's Proposals
for the Prevention of Health Problems caused by Tobacco

On 21 June 2001, the Health and Welfare Bureau (HWB) released a public consultation document on the Government's proposed legislative amendments to the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance Cap 371. The document invited members of the public to express their views on the proposed legislative amendments, which include important measures to expand the statutory no-smoking areas in public indoor areas and to tighten control on tobacco advertising and promotion The full text of the consultation document can be viewed and download from the HWB's website at

We have had a very good response to the consultation but we are very concerned to have strong support from overseas tobacco control advocates. Please consider responding to the Health and Welfare Bureau NOW!

Smoking is responsible for about 6,000 deaths in Hong Kong annually and places an enormous burden on our health care system, costing billions of HK$. The present legislation has made an important contribution to tobacco control and the prevention of diseases caused by tobacco but it is not comprehensive. The tobacco industry has created and exploited many loopholes to continue their aggressive promotion of tobacco products to young people (their principal target) through advertisement, sponsorship and other forms of promotion. We need effective public health measures to prevent this.

We want to see legislation in Hong Kong which provides an environment where we can:

  • Protect young people from being induced to buy and consume tobacco products
  • Protect all workers from being poisoned by second-hand smoke at their place of work
  • Protect non-smokers from any exposure to second-hand smoke in all public indoor areas

You may send your views and comments to the Health and Welfare Bureau as indicated in the consultation document. An alternative is for you to indicate your support through email, on the return form COSH has prepared at

Your support will make an important contribution. The completion and return of the form is very simple; may we ask you to act on this now? The deadline for submission of your comments is 15 September 2001, but if you do it after this it may also be counted.

Thank you for your help with the consultation process.

Yours sincerely,
A.J. Hedley, Chairman
Marcus YU, Executive Director
Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health