The Kenyan Alliance Against Tobacco (KAAT) is planning some actions against Safari Rally (K) LTD. We would appreciate it if Global Partnerships members members could write to the Chairman, Mr. David Ndambo of Safari Rally, informing of the dangers of associating the rally with Philips Morris, the manufacturers of Marlboro Cigarattes and of-course the harm cigarettes does.

The address of the Rally is:
BOX 59483
Nairobi, Kenya

The Fax number is: +254 2 728575

You may wish to mention some of the following points:

  • Participation of PM in sponsoring Marlboro racing teams gains world wide publicity.
  • In Kenya, our children are forced to associate Marlboro Cigarettes with fast cars and good life.
  • The original Marlboro man died of cigarettes.
  • Cigarette kills, though slow, but sure.
  • The local agents of PM are fully involved in deforestration programmes in Western Kenya, abandoning farmers after harvests, and giving free pack of cigarettes during the Pwani FM Radio Launch.

Please encourage them to look for a healthier sponsor for next year and avoid exposing, enticing and encouraging young people to smoke.

Fred Odhiambo
Chief Officer
Cente for Tobacco Education and Development