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August 9, 2001

An important appeal for solidarity from GPTC participant George Banja (Consumer Watch/Kenyan Alliance Against Tobacco): Please write letters to the Honorable Dr. Kulundu, Chairman of the Kenyan Parliamentary Health Committee at email: to help encourage the Kenyan government to support the Tobacco Control Bill.

UPDATE: Some people have had their letters to Dr. Kulundu bounce back. If this happens, please forward your email directly to George Banja of Consumer Watch (Kenya). He will make sure that they are delivered. His contact information is: P.O. Box 27719, Nyayo Stadium Post Office, Nairobi, Kenya, Fax: +254 2 242305, Email: <>

The Bill, which was drafted earlier this year, is pending presentation and debate in Parliament. Activists from the Kenyan Alliance Against Tobacco are trying to revive it and ensure that it makes it to the parliament floor. Activists fear that the tobacco industry has been influencing the document and would like the government to be aware that the international community is watching their efforts. Please read George's letter below and send your letters as soon as possible!

Letter from George Banja re: Tobacco Control Bill - Call for international support

The Bill that is supposed to regulate the operation of the Tobacco Industry in Kenya is pending presentation and debate in Parliament. The publishing of this Bill is the culmination of numerous consultative meetings by the stakeholders under the chairmanship of the hardworking and pro-"tobacco industry control" Health Minister, Prof. Sam Ongeri – a medical doctor by profession.

One of the proposals in this Bill is the establishment of a Board, under the ministry of Health, to regulate the Tobacco Industry. We have been shocked to learn that the government has decided to transfer this responsibility to Kenya Bureau of Standards – a body under ministry of Trade to take charge of coming up with requisite Tobacco Standards even before the pending Bill is debated!! We can see the hand of the Tobacco Industry in this move!

Could you kindly call upon our members to e-mail Hon. Dr. Newton Kulundu, chairman parliamentary Health committee, to ensure that this move:

(i) does not water down the core objectives of the Bill.
(ii) does not unnecessarily delay the debate and its eventual enactment into law.

The Honorable Dr. Kulundu can be reached on the following e-mail address:

We are lobbying parliament to pass this Bill as originally drafted by


George Banja
Consumer Watch
Nairobi, Kenya

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