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Good Sources of Information on International Tobacco Issues

In order to avoid overwhelming GPTC participants with a deluge of emails, we try our best to cull only the very best and most relevant tobacco-related information to share. For those who are interested in expanding the amount of information they receive -- or in researching particular international tobacco control issues further -- we encourage you to check out the list of resources below.

GLOBALink is the most popular international tobacco control network with well over 1000 members from all five continents. Membership gives one access to all Globalink email listserves (organized by topic, language, and geographic region - you can sign up for as many or as few as you like), the international membership directory, and a wide variety of online resources. Globalink also provides free webhosting and live interactive chats. Membership is free. For more information see or email <>

The IATH bulletin is an excellent and concise source of tobacco-related news and information from around the world. The 10-page monthly bulletin consists of the following sections: Scientific Update, Advertising & Promotion, Legislation/Government Action, Law Cases, Tobacco Industry, Trade & Economics, Health Promotion & Research, Smoking in Public Places, Smoking Cessation, and Worldwide News in Brief. IATH Director David Simpson provides short, useful analysis following many of the brief tidbits. Includes tobacco-related cartoons. GPTC groups based in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern/Central Europe, and the former Soviet Union that want to join the IATH network and receive the bulletin should contact Anne-Marie Macrez <>. U.S. and Canadian groups interested in receiving the IATH bulletin should contact <>.

A moderated, post-only electronic listserve that distributes news clips, reports, updates, urgent action alerts and analyses related to international tobacco issues. Traffic averages approximately two messages a day. To subscribe, sent an email message to <> with the text: subscribe. Or, subscribe, get list information, and view archives online at

Tobacco Control is a quarterly journal producted by the British Medical Journal Publishing Group. The journal is a super source of news, articles, editorials, information and images from around the world. Groups in "low-income" countries are eligible for a free on-line subscriptions. For a list of countries entitled to free access go to For more information about the journal see or email editor Simon Chapman <>. The last 10
years of issues are archived at

Want to know more about the outrageous things the tobacco industry has said and schemed in private, but don't have the time to search the millions of on-line documents yourself? Sign up for this great tobacco document information service provided by the American Lung Association of Colorado and Tobacco Documents Online. Receive just one email a day with a link to and an excerpt from an industry document, complete with short analysis by Anne Landman, a tobacco document research specialist. Documents shine a light on the tobacco industry's practices and strategies in the U.S. and abroad. To subscribe send a message to <>. Archives are available at

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