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Question of the Month

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Each month GPTC participants are posed a question and encouraged to share the answer with their partner and Essential Action. The exercise is useful in helping partners to get to know each other better and in gathering interesting tidbits of tobacco-related information from around the world.


• December: Research for Advocacy  

• October/

Creative Actions

• September: Spirituality of Tobacco Control Responses
• July/August: Common Tobacco Industry Lines Responses
• June: GPTC Logo Ideas
• May: WCTOH Action Ideas
• April: Thoughts on Licensed to Kill, Inc
• March: Questions for Louis Camilleri Responses
Outrageous Industry Conduct


• December:
"Top Ten" Lists of Tobacco Control Resources
• November: Tobacco's Global Toll
• October: Sources of Hope, Guidance, and Inspiration! Responses
• September: Smoke-Free Initiatives Responses
• July/August: Tobacco Control "Bloopers" Responses
• June: When the Tobacco Industry Says "Hi!" Responses
• May: Women & Tobacco Responses
• April: Philip Morris -> Altria Responses
• March: Sports & Tobacco Responses
• February: Effective Counter-Advertisements Responses
• January: Outrageous Industry Conduct Responses


• December: Quotable Quotes
• November: Marketing the Myth of "Light" and "Mild" Responses
• October: Industry Front Groups Responses
• September: Faces & Stories Behind the Numbers Responses
• August: Tobacco Industry's "Charitable" Donations Responses
• July: Tobacco Advertising Lies Responses
• June: Big Tobacco Goes to Hollywood
• May: The Creative Side of Tobacco Control Responses
• April: Funding for Tobacco Control Responses
• March: Personal Histories of GPTC Participants Responses
• February: Tobacco Use Cessation Methods Responses
• January: Outrageous Advertising Responses

Other information collected: How Big Tobacco Targets Youth Around the World


• December: Health Warnings Responses
• November: Cost of Marlboros Responses

Essential Action
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