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Marketing Tobacco to Youth

See also Tobacco Industry "Youth Access/Smoking Prevention" programs

Boy selling Marlboro & L&M
Boys selling U.S. cigarette brands
- Tirana (Roland Shuperka, For a Tobacco Free Albania) August 2000

Pall Mall - One of the sponsors of a Pepsi music festival in Budapest (Lisa Houston, Peace Corps Volunteer) September 2001

Benson & Hedges concert: Singer, Dancing, Troupe posing
- Outside New Delhi, Valentine's Day 2000

Boy buying smokeless tobacco product
4-year-old boy involved in pini making - a small scale industry
Boy smoking
- Patna (Dr. Dhirendra N. Sinha) June 8, 2000

Young girl smoking cigarette - (Anne Leonard, Essential Action)

Lucky Strike shorts & Marlboro baby cloths - N'Diabene Toube
Senegalese man displaying Marlboro "Formula One" children's outfit
Senegalese man displaying Marlboro baby cloths
Children playing with Marlboro pack - Dakar
Two girls playing with Marlboro packs - Dakar, Marse Sandaga
Boy wearing L & M cap - St. Louis
Girl with Marlboro bag - N'Diabene Toube
Baby wearing Marlboro outfit - N'Diabene Toube
Marlboro baby clothes in market - Touba, center of Mouride muslim brotherhood. For religious reasons, the town does not allow the sale, marketing and smoking of tobacco.
(Anna White, Essential Action) 1997-8

"Big Kids" Camel Trophy Adventure Wear - Chiang Mai (Anna White, Essential Action) March 2000