Thai & U.S. Youth Crash
Philip Morris ASEAN Art Awards

August 2004

In August 2004, artists from throughout South East Asia came to Bangkok, Thailand to compete for the coveted grand prize of the ASEAN Art Awards, founded and sponsored by none other than the world's #1 multinational Merchant of Death, Philip Morris. The company organized a series of public relations events leading up to the awards ceremony on August 4th. What they didn’t plan for: a bunch of Thai and U.S. youth crashing their party!

On August 2nd, Thai and U.S. youth held a rally outside Thailand’s National Gallery of Art while Philip Morris execs, artists, and reporters wined and dined at a reception inside. The next day, the youth followed Philip Morris to the ancient city of Ayutthaya and joined a procession of elephants that the company had hired to lead the artists, journalists, and company execs to an “artist interaction” activity amongst historic ruins. The pictures speak for themselves! Click on the links below for more information:

Part I: A Decade of Deceit: Philip Morris' Sponsorship of the ASEAN Art Awards
Part II: Rally at Thailand's National Art Gallery
Part III: Rally at "Artists Interaction" in Ayutthaya

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