April 27-28, 2005
East Hanover, NJ

April 28, 2005

2005 Altria Shareholders Meeting


On April 27, 2006, the day before the Altria meeting, a one-day youth advocacy training took place. The training included a variety of educational and skill-building workshops, including:

  • information on what Altria/Philip Morris is up to around the world
  • information about the Altria shareholders meeting
  • how to conduct media interviews
  • how to write a press release
  • developing catchy chats
  • managing rallies
  • creating effective visuals
  • performing street theater
  • producing zines

At noontime, the youth broke into three groups and carried out actions to educate people in the East Hanover community about the company's practices around the world. One group turned themselves into "Human Billboards" along the highway. Another conducted a community opinion poll about the company's targeting of young people worldwide. And a third organized an "Operation Silence" vigil to memorialize those killed by tobacco and represent the tobacco industry's desire to silence youth.

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